Standard Technical Support

  1. A projector with  aspect ratio 16:9
  2. A laptop (please contact your session coordinator for more detail)
  3. Projector connectors are HDMI and VGA (if your computer uses another connector (e.g. USB-C), please prepare your own adapter, or please contact your session coordinator)
  4. Wireless microphones

What you should bring?

  1. Laptop (if you do not want to use the shared laptop)
  2. Projector adapter to HDMI/VGA (if necessary)
  3. Laser pointer (if necessary)
  4. Power socket adapter – power socket in Japan is Type A


The format of each session is decided by its coordinator. In general, each session consists of two parts. The first one is for presentations from speakers. The second one is for a panel discussion.

As the time allocated to each session is limited to 90 minutes, please cooperate with your coordinator to keep the time of your session. The coordinator will ring a bell to notify you when your presentation time is over.


Detail information about the venue and conference rooms please refer to the official program here: Information about access, please refer to the following link: 

Address: 〒135-8630 JASSO International Conference Hall, Tokyo Academic Park, 2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo