About Vietnam Summit

Vietnam Summit will be a profound conference that will gather all the Vietnamese intellectuals and scholars in Japan. With the goal of connecting and unifying all the knowledge of specialists, scientists, policy makers, and entrepreneurs, we pursue to find resolutions for building and developing an exceptional Vietnamese community in Japan and the whole Vietnam country. Vietnam Summit 2019 will focus on topics about Vietnam technology, from policies to specific human resources and technologies developing strategy.


JASSO International Conference Hall
Tokyo Academic Park
2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo


9:00AM Saturday
November 16th, 2019

Event Agenda

Main Hall


Opening ceremony

9:00 - 15 min


Keynotes - part 1

9:15 - 1 hour


Break and Photoshoot

10:15 - 30 min


Keynotes - part 2

10:45 - 1 hour 15 min


Panel Discussion

11:30 - 1 hour

“Make in Vietnam”- what and how?


Lunch break

12:30 - 1 hour



Parallel sessions (TBD)

13:30 - 2 hours 30 min



15:00 - 30 min


Parallel sessions (TBD)

15:30 - 1 hour 30 min


Networking drinks

17:30 - 2 hours 30 min

Our guests

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Việc của chú A ở công ty A

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VANJ (Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan) is an organization for the target of creating an academic network and organizing research activities for Vietnamese researchers in Japan.

VANJ members include, but not limited to, researchers, PhD candidates, students, and employees who are currently working (or used to work) in universities, research institutes, organizations, or companies in Japan.

The primary mission of VANJ is to support and promote the connection of all members to improve the contribution of its members for the economic, education and science of Vietnam and for the development of the relationship between Vietnam-Japan.

Vietnamese Professionals in Japan (VPJ) is an organization of young Vietnamese who have been and are going to work in Japan, established with the goal to connect Vietnamese community in Japan, to serve as a place to share experiences and opportunities for career development among the community.

As one of three main organizers of the Vietnam Summit in Japan 2019, VPJ wishes to connect researchers, industry experts, young professionals, and Vietnamese students in Japan, to synthesize a collective power, directly or indirectly contributing to the development of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Youth and Student Association (VYSA) is an independent, non-profit social organization which was established in November 10th, 2001 in Tokyo. Currently, VYSA is the only organization representing for Vietnamese youths and students who live in Japan, and gets certification from Vietnamese Government.  

VYSA regularly organizes many events such as sports matches, cultural festivals, professional seminars for people who are interested in Vietnamese – Japanese culture exchange.


Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Japan

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For more information please contact to:

Email: organizers@vietnamsummit.org
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