Vietnam Summit 2019 theme

Vietnam is facing great opportunities to become “a growth pole” of the world in 21st century with 4 dominances:

  1. Industrial Revolution 4.0 based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Robotic and Big Data;
  2. Labor market evolution in the world affected by China-United States Trade War;
  3. Young population structure, abundant in workforces;
  4. Vietnam’s position in international arena is becoming more and more sustainable, a non-permanent member of the United Nation (UN) Security Council, a strategic partner with many major economies, Vietnam international economic integration is getting broader. 

Vietnam Government has been recently developing and officially implementing the project “Make in Vietnam” to encourage and cultivate technology products created in Vietnam, designed in Vietnam and made in Vietnam. However, to effectively and successfully process “Make in Vietnam,” a realistic and appropriate overview of opportunities and challenges are needed. Therefore, Vietnam Summit in Japan 2019 “Make in Vietnam – Opportunities and Challenges,” with the desire to gather and connect the intellectual community in Japan, together to discuss solutions, from macro policies to products, new technologies which can be applied in Vietnam. 

This event is the biggest occasion for Vietnamese intellectual in Japan to meet up, as well as a beginning of a journey for Vietnamese living in Japan to contribute to Vietnam’s development in the era of integration and globalization.